Heli 2000kg and 2500kg AC forklift

Heli 2000kg and 2500kg AC forklift

Model: CPD25

New Heli H series 2000kg to 2500kg range of 4 wheel counterbalance AC battery electric forklifts

● Improved driver’s view

Standard configuration of wide view mast,; compact structure of mast and tube pulley block.

Large arc of overhead guard and angle optimized grid tray enlarge driver’s upper view.


● Improved operating comfort

25mm lowered pedal height, 100% enlarged accelerator panel and 40% enlarged brake pedal improve driver’s foot operating comfort.

Super low torque steering unit makes steering light and easy.

Rear handle with horn button ensures safe and comfortable operation while reverse driving.

Mast and rear axle buffering improve driving comfort largely.

Ratchet hand brake has different brake force on slope and ground, reducing driver's fatigue.


● Optimized maintainability and safety

Special side plate and top cover structure is easy for assembly and disassembly.

Highly-mounted rear axle increasing transversal stability by 2.1%.

Two driving modes offer optional choices to different working condition.

Automatic deceleration when steering is optional so as to ensure the operation safety.


● High efficiency and energy-saving

The use of electric truck dedicated tire with pattern saves more than 10% of the energy during travelling.  

LED lamps save 80% of the energy.

The professional matching design of the components prolongs the battery working time about 10%.


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Key Features
Capacity 2000 to 2500 kg
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