Benefits of Hiring a Forklift

Regardless of the industry, most businesses find themselves requiring a forklift for their material handling operations. Many opt to buy a forklift; however, a growing number of businesses are now opting to hire a forklift instead.

There are benefits to both forklift hire and forklift ownership, but on this blog we focus on the benefits of hiring a forklift.

  1. No Maintenance Costs
    First and foremost, our forklift hire rates include the maintenance cost of the forklift!
    This means that when you hire a forklift from Allied Forklifts, you won’t have to worry about the costs or stress of maintaining the forklift.
  2. No Hefty Upfront Costs
    The initial upfront cost of buying even a quality used forklift can be upwards of $10,000 and for this reason alone, many businesses opt to hire a forklift first instead of buying one.
  3. Breakdown Replacements
    If you own a forklift and it breaks down, it can be a big pain in your wallet. Not only because of the cost to repair your forklift, but also time, labor and productivity. If your hire forklift breaks down, Allied Forklifts will offer a speedy replacement to get your business running back on schedule in no time.
  4. Flexibility
    Buying a forklift means that you are limited to certain specifications, which limits how you use it. But, when you hire a forklift and your forklift lifting requirements change, you can always cost effectively have a forklift that is fit for the application you require it for.Not only that, but if your business has periodic busy periods at certain times of the year, you can hire additional forklifts to meet the peak period demand and dehire when those periods are over.
  5. Tax Deductible & No Depreciation
    Forklift hire payments could be tax deductible as they are an operating expense. It also takes away the need for confusing depreciation schedules and minimizes any tax problems at the end of the financial year.

Overall, hiring a forklift is an affordable solution for your business.

If you’re thinking about hiring a forklift, get in touch with Allied Forklifts. We will find you the right equipment that matches your precise requirements.

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