K2 1.5-3.8t Forklift

The Heli K2 Series 1.5-3.8t Diesel Forklift is engineered for high efficiency and durability in demanding industrial environments. This range of forklifts is designed to handle loads from 1.5 to 3.8 tons, providing robust power and exceptional reliability. Equipped with advanced diesel engines, these forklifts offer significant torque and power, ensuring smooth operation even under heavy loads. The K2 series features ergonomic operator cabins for comfort and safety, superior maneuverability for tight spaces, and low emission engines to meet environmental standards. Ideal for warehousing, manufacturing, and other industrial applications, the K2 forklifts are a dependable solution for rigorous material handling needs.

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CPC(D)15 | CPC(D)18 | CP(C)D20 | CP(C)D25 | CP(C)D30 | CP(C)D35 | CP(C)D38

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