G3 5.0t Forklift

Diesel (4WD)
The Heli G3 Series 5.0t Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Rough Terrain Forklift features a wet-type drive axle that ensures reliable braking performance in various conditions and eliminates the need for frequent maintenance, making it ideal for navigating complex terrains such as muddy, wet, and slippery roads, thereby enhancing vehicle control and safety. Its specialized steering drive axle significantly increases the truck’s safety and stability, especially across rugged landscapes like mountainous terrains and mining areas, and is tailored for environments with poor road conditions to ensure dependable handling and maneuverability. The dedicated gearbox incorporates a multi-speed setup that strikes an optimal balance between operational efficiency and engine performance, ideal for varying load conditions and allowing for smoother transitions and improved fuel efficiency across a range of speeds and tasks. Additionally, the central parking brake is designed for ease of use, requiring minimal effort to activate yet providing powerful braking force to securely hold the vehicle stationary, enhancing safety during stops on inclines or in emergency situations and providing peace of mind for the operator.

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