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Genie S-45 XC Telescopic Boom Lift

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The Genie® S-45 XC™ telescopic boom is engineered to work in more applications that require higher capacities. With industry-leading dual lift capacity — 300 kg (660 lb) / 454 kg (1,000 lb) — a smooth operating envelope, this new XC boom lift is a perfect fit for your customers’ heavy lifting in construction, bridge inspections and maintenance, stadium and sports arena, gas and oil refineries, industrial, telecommunications and utility applications.

  • 300 kg (660 lb) / 454 kg (1,000 lb) dual platform capacity
  •  Load sense technology for accurate load weighing and zero-load field calibration
  • Automatic envelope control enables boom to retract when it reaches its operating
  • Chassis tilt sensor technology maximizes operators’ ability to access hard-to-reach
    work areas
  • Robust jib is capable of easily handling increased maximum capacity
  • CAN-bus control system with onboard diagnostics maximizes serviceability
  • Design focus on user interface and simplicity makes this machine easy-to-use
  • Can be equipped with the new Genie Lift Power™ generator system
  • Commonality in design and parts with other Genie booms
Specification Value
Max Working Height 50 ft 6 in | 15.56 m
Max Horizontal Reach 36 ft 2 in | 11.02 m
Below Ground Reach 4 ft 2 in | 1.27 m
Platform Capacity 660 lbs Unrestricted, 1,000 lbs Restricted | 300 kg Unrestricted, 454 kg Restricted
Machine Width and Length 8 ft 2 in, 31 ft 1 in | 2.49 m, 9.47 m
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