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Heli 1500kg Lithium Pallet Truck - Series II

$1,950.00 ex GST

Save money when you purchase one of these series II Heli 1500kg capacity lithium battery electric hand pallet trucks. The latest model series III Heli costs $200 more but performs much the same function. These versatile pallet trucks feature full electric lift & lower and full electric drive.

Perfect for unloading trucks on delivery routes, warehousing requirements, workplace deliveries, the possibilities are endless.

Save your back and struggle no more, end your work day feeling refreshed from not pushing handling pallets!


  • Lithium ion Battery
  • 1500kg Capacity
  • Electric Drive
  • Electric Lift
  • Electric Lower


  • Charger Voltage: 24V
  • LCD: 60cm
  • Battery Capacity: 30Ah
  • Battery Voltage: 24V
  • Fork Length: 1150mm
  • Lift Height: 200mm
  • Tyne Width: 685mm