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Heli G Series 1.6-1.8T Lithium Battery Scissor Fork Reach Forklifts

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HELI Lithium Power Advantages:

  • Zero Emissions – Great for the environment
  • Zero Battery Maintenance – No need to add water, no overcharging etc.
  • Quick Charging – 1-2 hours of fast charging
  • Reduced Running Costs – No expensive diesel or gas and no more storing of fuel
  • Increased ROI – The true cost of ownership is at least less than half of lead acid. High efficiency brings high cost performance.
  • Improved Safety & Reliability – Passed over 273 tests* including safety, reliability and performance
  • iBMS – Intelligent battery management system provides real-time monitoring on li-ion cells
  • Long Service Life – Batteries last 3-4 times life to that of lead acid batteries
  • Great Environmental Adaption – Lithium batteries maintain good performance when working between -25°C and 55°C
Item Scissor Fork Reach Lithium-ion Forklift (1.6-1.8T capacity)
Series G Series
Model designation CQD16X1 CQD18X1
Configuration number GB2RLi GB2RLi
Load capacity kg 1600 800
Load center mm 600 600
Reach stroke mm 600 600
Overhead guard height mm 2320 2320
Length to fork face mm 35 x 100 x 920 35 x 100 x 920
Overall width mm 1090 1090
Turning radius (in std battery compartment) mm 1695 1745
Wheels, chassis
Tyre type PU PU
Total approximate weight kg 2450 2560
Travel speed, loaded/unloaded km/s 10.5/11.8 10.5/11.9
Lifting speed loaded/unloaded mm/s 330/510 330/510
Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) V/ah 48 48
Battery rated capacity (5h) Ah 930 542
Drive motor – 60 min. rating kw 7 7
Pump motor – 15 min. rating kw 15 15
Drive motor control method MOSFET/AC MOSFET/AC
Controls ZAPI ZAPI