Heli G Series 4-5T Lithium Battery Forklift

Product Features

●High Reliability: 

Maintenance-free wet brake integrated axle which is mature and has been tested by the market is used on the truck.

Maintenance-free AC motors are used for driving and pump motors.  

World famous controller is used. 

●High Safety:

Tail-free structure reduces the center of gravity and improves lateral stability. 

High positioned rotation point of rear axle improves lateral stability of the truck.

Automatic deceleration when steering improves working safety.

●Improved man-machine comfort

Standard confirguaration of steering actived by steering wheel reduces steering process.Suspension seat and wide view mast improve driving experience. 

Optimal battery layout and design of counterbalance improve the rear view. 

●Maintenance Free:

Unnecessary of fluid adding and dust proofing;

Daily maintenance free.

●High Efficiency and Energy Saving:

2~3 hours charging meet 6-8 hours working demand;

High-energy density, self discharging rate lower than 1% per month;

95% energy conversion rate, superior charging and discharging performance;

Flexible to charge, easy to operate, no impact on battery life;

Unnecessary to change battery, cost saving & operation safety.

●Suitable for working in both high and low environment  

Lithium battery is better than lead-acid battery when working between -25℃ and 55℃

Technical Parameters

Model   CPD40 CPD45 CPD50
Configuration No.   GB2Li/GB3Li
Load Capacity  kg 4000 4500 5000
Load Center mm 500 500 500
Standard Mast Lifting Height mm 3000 3000 3000
Overall Length(without forks) mm 2920 2920 2920
Overall Width mm 1350 1350 1500
Max. Gradeability with load % 16 15 14

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