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Heli G2 Series 1.5-2T Three Wheel Lithium Battery Forklift

Product Features

●Environment Friendliness

Zero emission.

Low noise.

Free of heavy metals.

No corrosion.

No acid mist volatilization.

●Maintenance Free

Unnecessary of fluid adding and dust proofing.

Daily maintenance free.

Manual maintenance free.

●EPS Technology

Steering bridge of integrated motor, with high following performance. Simple structure and non-pollution.

Torque feedback device, angle display, accurate motion act, and controlled easily.

Energy saving and mute, maintenance free, easy and flexible operation.

●High Safety

Automatic deceleration on curved road, more intelligent and safe.

According to the characteristics of industrial vehicles, it achieves safely protection design which includes lithium battery materials, battery core type, pack technique and system power management.

“Lock affirming” function during charging avoiding “hot connecting and disconnecting” operation effectively.

Technical Parameters

Model CPD15 CPD16 CPD18 CPD20
Configuration No. SQ-GB2Li
Load Capacity kg 1500 1600 1750 2000
Load Center mm 500 500 500 500
Standard Mast Lifting Height mm 3300 3300 3300 3300
Overall Length(without forks) mm 1852 1852 1962 1990
Overall Width mm 1060 1060 1120 1120
Max. Gradeability with load % 20 20 20 20