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The Heli internal combustion side-loading truck is different from other counterbalanced  forklift trucks as it can lift, tilt and traverse sideways. It can load long materials on the deck very easily within premises and compounds with limited space. Particularly suitable to handle timber, pipes and other long loads. It is also a versatile forklift to manouvre oversize loads at ports, docks, factories, oilfields and construction sites. Three different models available –  3,000, 5,000 or 6,000kg capacity.

The advantage of HELI side-loading forklift

1 . Reliable and various engines
There are different engines available for different customers.

2.   Advanced driving system
The hydraulic driving system is specially designed for Heli with imported technology from Japan. The gearing has excellent structure, reliable quality and first-class manufacture and test method. Its main parts are quite interchangeable with those in internal-combustion engine forklift trucks.

3.    Leading performance parameter
Lifting speed, stretching speed and moving speed are higher than other domestic counterparts. Load center is 600mm which is the same as those forklifts in the advanced countries. Its loading capability is superior to those domestic forklift trucks.

4.    Reasonable roller arrangement
The roller arrangement directly affects the work reliability and the life of the mast when the lifting system moves and stretches in the well-type passage. Cross arrangement of lengthways roller and side roller meet the needs of the work condition and extend the service life of the mast.

5.    Deck and fork can tilt
Fork can tilt 5 ° up or down to load and unload
Deck can tilt 3 ° up or down so that the forklift truck is safer when travelling with the load..

6.    Shock design
The front I rear axle is connected by articulated axle with the forklift frame at one end. The other end is a floating connection with the deck tilting cylinder. So, on an uneven road the front and rear wheels can float freely with the hydraulic automatic adjustment.

7.    Hydraulic safety lock
The hydraulic locks are installed at supporting leg oil cylinder and interlocking oil cylinder for safe operation and for automatic lock of shift gear caused by the backpressure of hydraulic system.

8.    The arrangement of the forklift truck is for the convenience of operation and maintenance.

9.    Digital instruments are round and streamline with beautiful colors and a clear view.





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Key Features
Capacity 3000 to 6000 kg