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Advance Pneumatic Tyres

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We have a large range of Advance Solid tyres for sale at Allied Forklifts.
If you can’t find the size you are after, please contact us as we can source it for you.


Part Number Description
AD300X15PN Tyre Advance 300 x 15 Pneumatic
AD500X8PN Tyre Advance 5.00 x 8 Pneumatic
AD600X9PN Tyre Advance 6.00 x 9 Pneumatic
AD650X10PN Tyre Advance 6.50 x 10 Pneumatic
AD700X12PN Tyre Advance 7.00 x 12 Pneumatic
AD815X15PN Tyre Advance 8.15 x 15 (28 x 9-15) Pneumatic
AD825X15PN Tyre Advance 8.25 x 15 Pneumatic
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