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Heli G Series 12-18T Lithium Battery Forklifts

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HELI Lithium Power Advantages:

    • Zero Emissions – Great for the environment
    • Zero Battery Maintenance – No need to add water, no overcharging etc.
    • Quick Charging – 1-2 hours of fast charging
    • Reduced Running Costs – No expensive diesel or gas and no more storing of fuel
    • Increased ROI – The true cost of ownership is at least less than half of lead acid. High efficiency brings high cost performance.
    • Improved Safety & Reliability – Passed over 273 tests* including safety, reliability and performance
    • iBMS – Intelligent battery management system provides real-time monitoring on li-ion cells
    • Long Service Life – Batteries last 3-4 times life to that of lead acid batteries
    • Great Environmental Adaption – Lithium batteries maintain good performance when working between -25°C and 55°C

The future has arrived – the HELI Lithium-ion range is now available at Allied Forklifts.