The Benefits of a Safety & Maintenance Plan

Why risk a costly interruption to your production schedule when Allied Forklifts have a simple and cost-effective solution?

We get it, forklifts are known to be reliable and can handle the toughest of conditions so you think they will be fine without a bit of TLC? Just like anything, forklifts need regular maintenance to keep them performing safely and at top operating condition.

If you are wanting to prolong the life of your equipment, keep productivity high and reduce overall maintenance costs, a safety & maintenance program is for you!

What is a safety & maintenance plan?

A safety & maintenance program is designed to maximise your equipment’s life by providing preventative maintenance, rather than waiting for it to break down to make repairs.

What are the benefits of a safety & maintenance plan?

One of the most expensive costs associated with owning a forklift is the potential downtime which is why having a safety & maintenance plan is imperative. You know exactly when your forklift will be having its scheduled maintenance which increases your productivity, you won’t have to call out an emergency mechanic for onsite repairs (or even employ one!) and it will increase the overall lifespan of your forklift.

Having scheduled maintenance means that minor failures can be recognized before they cascade into major malfunctions. Saving money in parts or equipment replacement can be a huge savings for your company, boosting bottom-line profits.

Having a safety & maintenance plan can also provide a better trade-in value, should you choose to sell the forklift in the future. If a prospective buyer knows you’ve had a safety & maintenance program, it shows that you have taken care of the machine.

By preventing equipment failure, not only do you reap the cost savings mentioned above, but operators and other workers nearby are also safer with minimized risk of disaster.

If you’d like more information on our Safety & Maintenance plan, please get in touch with us via email or call us on (08) 9248 8660 so we can provide you with further documentation of what our Safety & Maintenance plan entails.

At Allied Forklifts, our mission is to ensure your equipment operates safely and efficiently at the lowest possible price.